Thursday, 1 December 2011

Reggio Emilia Study Tour 2012

I have worked in the early years sector since 1994 and made my first study tour to Reggio Emilia in 2003.  I can honestly say that until my first visit to Reggio I did not understand (properly) what my role needed to be in order to best support children's learning. It is, of course, a glib thing to say but... Reggio changed my life.

After my first visit I simply wanted to move there and work in a Reggio pre-school. I wanted to be part of something so inspirational and so open to new possibilities (I speak some Italian so this was not as far-fetched as it sounds). But I came to see how I could draw inspiration from the Reggio Approach and yet, "trust in the richness of our own context" here in the UK.

I have since been back on six further study tours and will be accompanying two educators from Reflections on the next study tour in April 2012.

It is impossible to describe the richness and quality of the environments, the educators' passion and commitment to ongoing research, and the sheer beauty of the schools.  Which is why I simply recommend that you go.  

If you work with young children as an educator or artist, or if you influence policy regarding children, then beg, borrow or steal to take a place on next year's UK study tour to Reggio.  Information here through Sightlines Initiative:

I look forward to meeting you there.

Martin Pace


  1. Dear Martin,

    I so enjoyed my recent visit to your nursery which for me illustrated years of evolved practice. It was inspirational..warm, passionate, creative, natural, progressive, human are the words that come to mind. I do hope that we may work together at some stage...Best wishes


  2. Dear Martin,

    Just watched you on youtube, delightful video about the children in the forest. I will be in Reggio Emilia this April with a group of people from my new workplace in Switzerland. Looking forward to meeting you there.